AI Dynamic Image Analysis

Based on the Arithmer’s advanced AI technology, it is not only possible to identify objects in the video, locate objects, detect people, analyze behavior, and obtain detailed information, but also can identify the flow of air by analyzing the fluctuation of the RGB.
These technologies are applied to automotive and insurance businesses. By Auto-monitoring of in-vehicle video, it enables support and advanced driving assistance(ADAS) to drive safely. In addition, with these technologies, the manufacturing industry automates the detection of product defects in the manufacturing process and the infrastructure field automates the monitoring of the field through the camera in the infrastructure field to support all field operations.
Accordingly, in addition to realizing the automation of video analysis, which has been performed visually, it is possible to suggest appropriate behavior to users by analyzing videos of all media, and that can also expect to apply to other fields such as advertising and financial services.
This technology is not limited to on-premise cloud deployments but can also be operated as IOS and Android applications.