Automation of Still Image Analysis with AI

Arithmer applies advanced AI image analysis technology to realize object detection, instance segmentation, and high-accuracy acquisition of specified information.

Various operations such as inspections, were formerly performed by the human eye. However, ArithmerInspection aims to see the unseen by applying state-of-the-art technology which can dramatically improve the efficiency and accuracy of these processes.

For example, the insurance industry will be able to develop the ability to instantly determine parts that are damaged through the detection of car accident images, and as a result provide more prompt data about the degrees of damages and the amount of insurance.

ArithmerInspection also implements effective use of large amounts of image data resources obtained from various environments such as the Internet, factory production lines, food safety, etc., leading to cost reduction and productivity improvement.

Our solution can be applied to on-premises systems or Cloud services as well as iOS or Android applications. Our goal is to make effective use of valuable image resources and create new solutions with our customers.

Privacy Masking API

We provide face blur API that automatically hides information that requires privacy protection (face photos, license plates, etc). This is available to the public on Rakuten RapidAPI.

In the age of abundant personal information on the Internet, we can preserve your privacy by specifying the information you want to protect in advance.