AI Optical Character Recognition System 

ArithmerOCR converts printed, handwritten texts and image documents in fixed and unfixed forms into machine-encoded texts by an advanced still image analysis system. Writings are the ultimate paintings developed throughout the history of mankind. Based on a highly advanced AI technology, we refined a recognition rate that goes beyond the accuracy of our competitors by framing, extracting and recognizing texts. Interconnected with our unique natural language processing technology, ArithmerOCR analyzes and corrects characters which leads to an even more accurate text-to-data conversion.

ArithmerOCR’s highly accurate data conversion technology is adaptable to a broad range of paper and image documents. To achieve business goals, Arithmer collaborates with customers to solve problems through text layout construction, specialized glossary building and technological consultation.
ArithmerOCR also provides an interface which effectively checks and corrects the results of OCR. Through the implementation of additional learning based on the results, the recognition rate shows further improvement, with repeated use.

The technique applies to various hosting environments such as on-premises software and Cloud services. ArithmerCC (Curation Center) could be added as an option. This service provides a one-stop electronic data system managed by a curator accurately correcting OCR results.

Feel the quality of your business enhance with ArithmerOCR’s paper and image document-to-data conversion.