Applying Advanced AI Technology for Dynamic Image Analysis

Based on a highly advanced AI video analysis, ArithmerDynamics extracts data such as objects, locations, people and recognizes human actions. The technology even reads subtle pixel changes that enables visualizing airflow in videos.

In areas of automobiles, by switching dashboard-mounted video devices to autonomous mode monitoring, ArithmerDynamics provides safe driving audio services and advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS).

In the manufacturing industry, the system dynamically detects defection in manufacturing processes. In areas of infrastructure, it provides on-site autonomous inspection systems through cameras and supports other varieties of on-site operations.

Not only does ArithmerDynamics realize the video analysis that had been done by visual observation, but it also analyses videos from a diversity of media which leads to applying to action suggestions for users, PR and work management optimization.

The technology can be applied to on-premises software or Cloud services and can be used in either iOS or Android applications.