• AI Optical Character Recognition System
  • Personal ID AI OCR System

ArithmerOCR converts printed, handwritten texts and image documents in fixed and unfixed forms into machine-encoded texts by an advanced still image analysis system.

ArithmerOCR’s highly precise data conversion technology is adaptable to a broad range of paper and image documents. Improve your text conversion accuracy with ArithmerOCR.

  • Damage Inspection AI System
  • Image AI Inspection System

Arithmer applies advanced AI image analysis technology to realize object identification from still images, position specifying, and high-accuracy acquisition of specified information.

ArithmerInspection aims to apply state-of-the-art technology which can dramatically improve the efficiency and accuracy of these processes.

  • AI Driving Assistant System
  • Space-Time AI Detection System

Based on a highly advanced AI video analysis, ArithmerDynamics extracts data such as objects, locations, people and recognizes human actions.

ArithmerDynamics realizes the video analysis that had been done by visual observation, and can also analyze videos from a diversity of media.

  • AI Work Manual Chatbot System
  • Automatic Document Generation AI System
  • Text Mining AI System

ArithmerNLP provides an original Natural Language Processing (NLP) system that instantly extracts optimal answers from a large-scale corpus.

By using auditory and visual methods, ArithmerNLP constructs a user-friendly interactive engine which provides a broad range of services.

  • Crisis Management AI System
  • AI Recommendation Optimization System

ArithmerDB automatically analyzes and links disorganized and dispersed big data through revising intelligent agent (IA) technology which is installed to an integrated database environment.

ArithmerDB helps create the best use of important information that is dispersed and hidden throughout big data and will contribute to improving businesses.

  • Body Size Estimation AI System
  • Dental Automatic Design AI System
  • Fluid Prediction AI System

ArithmerR3 is a 3D modeling technology developed by the full appliance of advanced mathematics.

ArithmerR3 reduces 3D Big data dimensions to key parameters, enabling 3D model building through utilizing human body, dental model and product measurements.

  • 3D Vision Robot System

ArithmerRobo provides high-tech robot systems converted from Arithmer’s characteristic AI technology.

Collaborating with the world’s top-class robot manufactures, we hope to build foundations of AI smart factories that will recast global business infrastructures.