Arithmer Inc.

The name “Arithmer” originated from “arithmetic”, a mathematical word used to describe the study of numbers.

Mathematics is the foundation of all sciences and technologies. Our appliances for industrial mathematics will create new non-existent AI technologies by deepening the aspirations of the human mind.

Composition of Directors

Board of Directors

Yoshihiro Ohta Representative Director,President, Chief Executive Officer
Ryuichi Inui Managing Director, Head of Administrative Management Div., Chief Financial Officer
Jun Togashi Director, Head of R&D Headquarters
Tsutae Yamashita Director, Head of Sales Planning Div.
Masahide Nakamura Outside Director (Allied Architects, Inc., President, Chief Executive Officer)

Audit & Supervisory Board Members

Yoshio Hoshino Full-time Audit & Supervisory Board Member
Shoji Takaoka Outside Audit & Supervisory Board Member
Takafumi Ochiai Outside Audit & Supervisory Board Member

Corporate History

2020/4/1 Opened new Tokushima Office (Moved from Tokushima University Satellite Office)
2019/11/1 Opened Nagoya Office
2018/9/1 Moved headquarters to Roppongi
2018/7/24 Opened The University of Tokyo Satellite Office
2018/2/9 Changed company name to Arithmer Inc.
2017/12/27 Opened Tokushima University Satellite Office
2017/9/28 Opened Aomi Head Office in Tokyo
2016/9/1 Yoshihiro Ohta becomes CEO
2016/9/1 Established Mercury Inc. to develop and merchandise robotic systems and mathematical analysis software

Paid-in Capital(Including capital reserve)

¥2,778,840,000(As of June 30, 2021)