Human dynamics can be expressed as data set of time and space.

We can reproduce the dynamics as very accurate as possible by acquiring that data more precisely, then it becomes possible to reproduce human dynamics by a robot.

If we analyze the acquired “time and space” big data in detail, we can also discover the tacit knowledge of dynamics.

By learning, patterning and optimizing the knowledge, AI technology even be able to learn and eventually beyond the movements of humans.

Now, the new era has come that AI smart robot that has more intelligence, dexterous hands, and elaborate eyes can bring innovation to exiting systems of business.

The AI Smart Robot can work efficiently and accurately without rest. However, the AI is unable to define the job itself. In order for the AI to have efficient dynamics, the definition must be set by us.

It is our mission to innovate how to use AI in order to make business process more efficient. It eventually contributes to us using time for more creative activities.

Our company will continue to apply advanced mathematics to create new AIIT technologies.

Arithmer CEO Yoshihiro Ohta