Arithmer is an AI startup company from the University of Tokyo Graduate School of Mathematical Sciences. We apply modern mathematics to introduce AI smart robot systems to various industries. Many of them are not just IT systems for business automation, but implementation of advanced expertise that is difficult to inherit, and technology that cannot be realized by human hands. As a result, we aim to apply mathematics to lead to social contributions, such as the development of innovative medicines and the realization of a safer society.

Mathematics is the foundation of all science and technology. In particular, the sense of freedom that mathematics has is an extremely powerful tool for describing various phenomena. Even in business, the work relies on the person will be a big risk in the future, but most of them can be converted into computable phenomena, that is, they can be handled by computers and AIs.

For example, human motion can be expressed as time and space data. By acquiring those data in high resolution and with high accuracy, it is possible to reproduce human movement as accurately as possible. In other words, AI smart robots can also reproduce human movements.

By analyzing the acquired big data of time and space in detail, it will also be possible to discover “tacit knowledge” hidden behind people’s movements. By learning the tacit knowledge, and patterning and optimizing it, AI smart robots can also demonstrate their ability to surpass the expert.

Now, AI smart robots with smart brains, dexterous hands and sophisticated eyes are bringing about a new era that will revolutionize existing business systems. AI smart robots are about to become the world’s business infrastructure.

However, although this AI smart robot can work accurately, efficiently, and for a long time, it cannot set the frame of the entire work. It moves as a brain and hands in the process set by people, and it is the human role to set the process.

It is our job to consider how well this AI smart robot can be used to streamline work and produce useful results for people.

The more you can do with AI smart robots, the wider the environment in which humans can demonstrate their abilities.
Environment makes people, people are said to make environment.
We apply modern mathematics to create new AI technology to open up the next world.

Arithmer CEO Yoshihiro Ohta