An invited lecture was gaved by our representative Ohta at the National University of Science and Engineering Conference

On October 12, 2018, our representative Ohta gave an invited lecture at the National University of Science and Engineering Conference, 2018 held in the Shinzo campus of Tokushima University.   <Venue>: Conference Room 1F, Nichia Kaikan, Shinzo Office, Tokushima University. <Theme>: “AI Smart Robot Network” <Related URL>:

In the NHK world Premium Coverage News, the technology that allows AI to instantly recognize dangerous driving, which developed by our company was broadcast around the world.

In the NHK World Premium Coverage News, the content of our technology that AI instantly distinguishes dangerous driving, which was broad cast on NHK General “News Check 11” (broadcast on September 10) was broadcast all over the world for about one month from October 10. <Video URL> <Livestreaming URL>